Open Innovation Game

experience the many eye-openers


The game is played in a live workshop setting; it’s interactive and self-learning between people – it is not a digital format and can only be played offline. The feedback from organizers as well as players is that this makes the game extra powerful, because of the active connections. We are excited that our players so far have been very positive about the way we have gotten them in an innovative mindset.


The game offers the possibility to get to understand how open innovation is orchestrated by experiencing it first hand. Which stages are recognizable; how does open innovation work; from which angles can you look at it; what are the boundary conditions; how is intellectual property safeguarded; what is the required organization culture to innovate? All these questions will be answered by playing the game with your group of guests or with your team members.


The way the game is organized is seen as highly engaging. The factor humor is well represented in this safe setting, which makes the participation all the more fun. After all, what people take away from any interaction is how it made them feel. The game was created to give people an experience while absorbing knowledge in the process. It’s seen as energetic, challenging and eye-opening – even by people who are already involved in open innovation. Watch our video









"It provided us and our consortium members more insight of how to innovate in building an open innovation partnership."

René Peters / Director Gas Technology / TNO